A Product Launch is Like?

Over two years ago now, I wrote a blog post talking about product launch and shared this wonderful quote from Neale Martin,

A product launch is like a rocket – you have to break the tremendous inertia that is holding the body at rest.

At the time I was working on a global product launch that had a ton of moving pieces and coordination required before it went out the door. Hence the “lots of anticipation followed by a big bang” analogy made a lot of sense.

Looking at it now, it feels like the statement isn’t very broad and only really applies to the situation where you are launching into a known market with a known product line – think Nintendo Wii or  iPhone 5. This is the end state that you hope to reach but I don’t think it is the general rule.

I have been thinking about all the different types of product launches analogies and have come up with a few ideas. For example, the Hockey Stick launch for a new product that takes a long time and potentially several iterations before taking off.

Then there is the Boomerang launch for a product that gets out there in the wild but gets sent back to the mothership by an unsatisifed marketplace – think Microsoft Kin.

So, what are your favorite analogies for launching a product? Have any good ideas to share? Here’s a few more that I was brainstorming on: