Finding Innovative Ideas with The Innovator’s DNA

Here’s an idea for you from the Innovator’s DNA that I thought was worth sharing. If you want to innovate, you need to ask questions. More importantly, you need to ask the right type of questions. The goal is to challenge assumptions, make new connections, and see past what’s already there. This doesn’t happen by asking a random scattering of questions but through a disciplined practice. Here’s how they sum up the approach in the book: During interviews with disruptive innovators, we noticed not only a high frequency of questions but a pattern as well. They started with a deep-sea-like exploration of … Continue reading Finding Innovative Ideas with The Innovator’s DNA

Product Leadership with Jim Holland

If you are follow any of the main product management blogs or groups on Twitter, than odds are you have run into Jim Holland.  Jim was one of the first product managers on Twitter that I actively started following several years ago and is defenitly at the top of the list when it comes to sharing valuable advice and lessons learned. After his post last week on Leading Product Vision, I asked Jim if he would discuss the topic in more detail.  Here is our video interview: In the interview we cover: What is Product Vision How to find it Bringing the vision … Continue reading Product Leadership with Jim Holland