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How Not to Start Your Story Courtesy of Buick

When it comes to introducing your product to a potential customer, you have one shot to start things off on the right foot. This is your chance to start your story, create awareness and generate some excitement. However, the last thing you want to do is set the stage with a giant question mark. I caught a Buick commercial over the weekend (video below) that I think highlights exactly what you don’t want to do. Before the ad gets going, the audio begins with these three words, “With AVAILABLE features….“. When I hear this, I assume that whatever comes next … Continue reading How Not to Start Your Story Courtesy of Buick

Building The Line

It was turning out to be a great year. The product I had planned and launched was hitting the market to fantastic results and the sales team was close to doubling their forecasts. Additionally, the market research that I had spearheaded had resulted in the success of two more products in our portfolio. I thought all was going swimmingly well but that was not the case. Bonus checks arrived and despite my shaking the envelope as hard as I could, there was nothing extra to make up for the extremely light check. While my team’s part of the portfolio had performed above average, the company had missed their financial … Continue reading Building The Line

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Start With The Customer Prodcast #2 – The Suck Threshold

Welcome to the second episode of the Start with the Customer “prodcast”.  In this conversation, Scott Sehlhorst and I start off the discussion on customer dynamics and trust relationships.  From there we continue the case example from the last prodcast on Dropbox by discussing the impact of Amazon’s new Cloud Drive and the emerging Cloud Computing wars.  Finally, we end with some book recommendations. Enjoy the product discussion! You can listen here: or download from iTunes. Here’s the show notes: Runtime:  35 minutes The Trust Pyramid Intro from Scott’s recent post, “representing how people have different levels of trust in the assertions … Continue reading Start With The Customer Prodcast #2 – The Suck Threshold